Liquid's default comment syntax is "pig ugly", as another mechanic user so succinctly put it. The usability of tasks in the task library could be greatly improved with better code commenting. However, the built-in comment format is a huge impediment to readability. I propose that a new comment syntax is created, with the goal of simplifying the writing of comments and improving readability.
"Blade style" comments is one syntax that has been suggested:
{{-- This is a nicer comment --}}
Personally, as I spend a lot of time in a JavaScript environment, I like having the option of both inline comments and block comments (although the specific syntax wouldn't work in liquid). e.g.:
// inline comment
block comment
I'm especially partial to JSDoc comments, as they are really good for explaining blocks of code and the convention of having an
at the beginning of each line helps to visually separate the comment from the rest of the code. e.g.:
* Convert a string containing two comma-separated numbers into a point.
* @param {string} str - The string containing two comma-separated numbers.
* @return {Point} A Point object.
static fromString(str) {
// ...